Those Who Give Back to the Community Honored in Riverside

Recently, several citizens were honored for their commitment to community service.

Age proves to be just a number when it comes to contributing back to the community. Among the Champions of Justice, were two Champions On The Rise:  Memorie Samuel, 16, was the first to be honored.

Upon learning that King Hall Women and Children’s Shelter were suffering from a coat shortage she set a goal to collect 1,000 coats and had exceeded that goal by collecting 1,638 coats.

“It only takes one simple idea to make a difference in the lives of others,” Memorie said.

Acceptance is all most people really want in life. That is what the Riverside Poly High School Cross Country team gives to one of their team members, Brian Holt.

Brian is autistic and for the Cross Country team to accept him as they would accept anyone else is the definition of true champions on the rise.

“Most of our kids have not had to deal with a special needs kid like Brian. It’s a learning curve for everyone how to handle Brian, how Brian responds to us,” said Coach Saucedo.

“Everybody should be able to participate and feel included,” said team members. Poly High’s Cross Country team is truly setting an example for other teams to also include those that face certain obstacles.

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