Bringing back the life of the Buffalo Soldiers

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Park Avenue Baptist church is all about the history of African Americans. On May 6 at 6pm Thomas H. Wellington II gave a brief scenario on what life was like as a Buffalo Solider.

Wellington is a Buffalo Soldier re-enactor and the President of the Nicodemus Historical Society. His family is from the town Nicodemus, Kansas, which is the last all Black town west of the Mississippi River. Wellington was in the Navy for several years and earned his stripes while in service. He also owns a Bed & Breakfast. He was one of the engineers who helped build the Alaska pipeline and he forged the way for many African Americans living in Alaska by buying real estate.

The program stated off with Park Avenue’s very own The Gospel Singers, who sang a few of their songs before Wellington’s presentation. Once they finished everybody stood to their feet to welcome Wellington who walked down the aisle with his Buffalo Solider uniform on and the American Flag which he had hanging over his shoulder.

Some of the important history that he mentioned was that in 1866 the U.S. Regiments, the 24 & 25 Infantry, and the 9th & 10th Cavalry were awarded 18 Congressional Medals of Honor. These regiments were the most highly decorated  in all of the US Army history and are unsurpassed to this day. The Buffalo Soldiers fought in the Spanish American War and War World I & II. They were disbanded in 1953. On July 1992 a memorial to the 9th and 10th US Calvary was dedicated at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas by General Colin Powell.

At the end of the presentation Pastor L.E. Campbell was awarded with a Buffalo Soldiers leather jacket and a Buffalo Soldier’s hat. It was a birthday present for him since his birthday was earlier that week. Wellington exited back down the aisle with the American Flag.

Recommended films about the Buffalo Soldiers are “Roosevelt’s Rough Riders” staring Tom Beringer and “Buffalo Soldiers” staring Danny Glover. Other books include “The Forgotten Heroes” by Clinton Cox and “The Wolf and The Buffalo” by Elmer Kelton.