Meet R&B sensations Antwan (21), Que (22) and T.K. (21). These three talented, young brothers are from the upcoming R&B group Fasho. Get to know a little more about the guys, what to except from them in near future, and a little taste of what life is like in the music industry for them.

The group Fasho has been formed for about eight years now. Fasho was created after they guys were in a talent search, and ever since then the rest is history, as the old saying goes. The name Fasho came from a producer that the guys were in a studio with. The producer kept saying Fasho, so they dropped the original name that they had in mind and went with Fasho. Que and Antwan are first cousins from originally from South Carolina and T.K. is born and raised in the ‘A’ a.k.a. Atlanta, Georgia. The guys all currently reside in Atlanta.

Fasho just shot the video for their first single, “I’m Wit It.” It should be released on big time networks such as BET, MTV in the beginning of 2011. Their album should also be released soon after the video.