Meet R&B Sensations EQ Live

In the past you have witnessed the young, the fly and the flashy, does B2k ring a bell? Now you there’s another hot, new guy band that is rising to the top for the year of 2012.

EQ Live is one of the newest, hottest upcoming boy bands. They have a Pop/Hip Hop R&B flavor; think Mindless Behavior mixed with the former R&B boy band Pretty Ricky, except EQ Live’s lyrics are a lot cleaner than Pretty Ricky’s; they have that ol’ skool feel with a new school beat. The trio is originally from Chicago, Illinois but now reside in Hollywood, California, and were formed over 10-years ago.

EQ Live consists of Shorty Q, 22; singer/songwriter; Bad Boy Baby C, 23; rapper/lyricist/songwriter; and Prince Avian, 21; singer/songwriter. The name EQ Live comes from the phrase Extra Quality Live, so ladies these brothers can actually sing and they don’t use auto tune.