Breaking barriers: Anything is possible

Now that the elections have come to a close there were definitely a few barriers that were broken. Not only did President Barack Obama get re-elected for a second term but the city of Rialto elected their first Black mayor. More than 100 years ago Rialto recorded its only Black resident, a woman, and now they can record their first Black mayor, also a woman by the name of Deborah Robertson.

Robertson has been involved with the city for over 12 years. She served as a council member for 12 years, served as a Rialto Airport commissioner from 1990-1992 and as a budget oversight advising member in 1991. Since 2002 she has served as the regional council of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) where she represented the cities of Rialto and Fontana.

President Obama and Mayor Robertson are two examples of individuals who have proven that the impossible is possible. With strong faith in God, the right support system and staying true and being yourself, you can accomplish anything. This is what our youth need to see. They need to see people, especially minorities, breaking barriers. This will motivate them to get their lives on track.

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