LR. Johnson Construction continues to strive

It is the norm for great talent and skills to be passed down from generation to generation throughout the family, and it is no different for LR. Johnson General Engineering Construction, orignally known as Lloyd R Johnson Construction. They are a small family owned business located in Rialto.

The first reservoir in Rialto was built by Lloyd R. Johnson Construction in the 1940s. Lloyd R. Johnson is the father to Lee Johnson who is now the President over the company now named LR. Johnson Construction. The reservoir was rebuilt by the city about two years ago.

Some of the accomplishments that Lloyd R. Johnson Construction made is the foundation of the Cajon Pass; Wide Canyon Dam; The Sun- Telegram (concrete work); foundation of The Swing Auditorium at the Orange Show; concrete of the first story Kaiser Hospital in Riverside; the building of one of the buildings on Norton Air Force Base; construction of Fontana High School stadium; pipeline of downtown Rialto and flood control work for Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

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