How long have you been playing basketball? What inspired you to start playing?

Since I was 4 years old. Growing up watching it and knowing my parents play basketball. It was the first thing that was put in my hands.

What accomplishments have you made throughout your basketball career?

I am driven to being a successful basketball player and growing successfully as I obtain my true accomplishments.

What your goals that you want to accomplish from now to the next five years?

To be the best that I can be at basketball. Stay on top of my game, playing Professional basketball to be one of the superstar Icons.

Who is you all time favorite basketball player and team and why?

Kobe Bryant of the Lakers, because he is unstoppable, viciously to a game I admire the ambition, love, & dedication he puts in.

When you are not on the court what do you enjoy doing?

Working out, being with my family, watching movies, and grabbing some ice-cream.

What is your advice to youth who want to pursue a career in sports?

To be motive, never allow your opponent to get the best of you. Have a serious mentality, Understanding and being able to read the game. Confident and having a high I.Q.

What has been your most memorable highlight of your career?

I was labeled top 100 Juco player of the State of California 2012 and #9 at scoring in the game.