Music Changing Lives students make progress

Organizations that assist our youth in getting their lives on the right track are what we need in our communities.

When the youth in these organizations are showing progress, commitment and dedication to wanting to and continuing to go on the right track, they deserve to be acknowledged. Three young men from Music Changing Lives have shown progress since they have been in the program.

Before Lawrence “Jaear” Washington became involved with Music Changing Lives, he was getting into trouble.

“Before I became involved in the program I was involved in street life until I received an invite by Josiah to come to the studio. He was my inspiration into getting involved in music,” Washington said.

Josiah Bruny is the CEO and founder of Music Changing Lives in Redlands.

“When a kid comes in what we do is try to analyze where they see themselves five months from now. I want to find out what a kid really wants and to find out what that kids passion is, then we work to help them make that dream come true,” he explained.

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