Dream big. Keep your Eye on the prize.

It is a new year which means you can start off fresh, and start on any new ventures, whether it be in business, school or your personal life, that you didn’t get to do in 2012.

As kids, many of us had inspirations and big dreams of doing this and doing that. Then somewhere along the line as we progress in age, some people give up on their dreams becomes life takes them in a different route. That route could be children, relocation, or a unexpected event that occurred.

In addition to different circumstances that may have come up in the past, sometimes we can let the negative things that people say hinder us. However, we need to learn to block them out and listen and take heed to those who uplift us and encourage us to go after it is that we want in life.

It is sad to see those who gave up on their dreams and then try to live out their dreams through their children, and most of the time the children do not want to do whatever it is that the parent is forcing them into, whether it be pageants, sports, etc.

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