Rialto residents encourage others to get serious about their health

We are now four weeks into the New Year, and there are probably a few who have given up on the gym and diets to comply with their resolutions on losing weight. For some, trying to lose excessive weight the traditional way of going to the gym or dieting, isn’t working, or they simply just do not have enough time to lose what they want to lose.

Since we are in the new millennium, there are several other options that can help people lose what they need to within a certain amount of time. If they are motivated, committed and willing to make a lifestyle change, they are guaranteed to be successful.

Rialto residents Brenda and Ruben Avila are two local success stories. Ruben Avila has completed the Laparoscopic surgery by Dr. Monali Misra, and his wife Brenda Avila is in the process of going through her surgery.

“Ruben had excellent results,” Dr. Misra said. “And Brenda is the perfect patient that we look for. She is motivated and committed. I know she will be successful and I am excited to be a part of her process.”