Girl Scouts celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Day

Girl Scout cookies came back to Riverside and San Bernardino Counties on Sunday, January 27; however, that is not the only exciting news that involves one of America’s favorite cookie brands. This year, Girls Scouts of the USA declared February 8 to be National Girl Scout Cookie Day.

In even bigger news, the San Gorgonio Girl Scout Council achieved the highest per-girl average number of boxes sold in 2012, which put the council in the forefront of the celebrations. The San Gorgonio Girl Scout Council held its open house party on Friday, February 8. The party was held at the Central Services Center and Executive Offices in Redlands.

“The inspiration behind having the open house was to teach our girls the five key skills,” Clarie Jefferson, Program and Training Specialist, said. “We encourage our girls to practice the skills and to feel empowered.”

The five skills that the girls of San Gorgonio Girl Scouts learn by not only participating in the workshops of National Cookie Day, but by also being a Girl Scout are: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

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