Rialto Unified School District students participate in National College Signing Day

Wednesday, February 6 was National College Signing Day where high school seniors across the Nation signed contracts, and received full ride scholarships to continue their athletic journey at a four year institution of higher learning. Included in the students who signed contracts were three high school seniors from Rialto, Eisenhower and Carter High School.

“As the country celebrated National Signing Day, here, our District is also proud of the academic achievements, through athletics, of all three of our students from Eisenhower, Rialto and Carter High School who have a full ride (scholarship to College),” Syeda Jafari, director of communications for Rialto Unified School District, said.

She continues, “The Rialto Unified School District has excellent, quality-based coaching staff whose main purpose is to build character and self-esteem, instill solid sportsmanship in the minds of our young students and above all, prepare students for higher education.”

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