Loma Linda University Health hosts 6th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition

Every five years, Loma Linda University Health hosts an International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition conference. The conference consists of a series of presentations given by researchers who have studied various methods on healthy living practices that reduce certain diseases.

On Monday, February 25, Loma Linda University Health held a press conference in the Gair Room of the university. The conference was also held via live streaming. Miguel Angel Martinez, professor at the University of Navarra in Spain was the guest speaker at the conference this year.

“Loma Linda University Health is very honored to host this event,” Dr. Sam Surat, associate bioscience professor, said. “We have some very exciting speakers for this year’s conference.”

Miguel Angel Martinez is a Spanish physician, epidemiologist, professor and nutrition researcher. He is also the Chair of preventive Medicine and Public Health at University of Navarra, and has been noted for his work with the Mediterranean diet and risk of developing diabetes, as well as dietary energy intake and weight gain in women. Martinez is the principal investigator of the SUN cohort and the PREDIMED Network.

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