Jessie Hernandez helps wrestlers to get their name in the spotlight

We hear about a number of sports officials who are doing great things to bring football, basketball and baseball to the inner city. However, rarely do we hear about what is going on in the world of wrestling. San Bernardino resident, Jesse Hernandez, is the founder and owner of the Empire Wrestling Federation and School of Hard Knocks. It is the oldest wrestling school in the state of California.

“I have always loved wrestling since I was a kid,” Hernandez said. “I was never able to participate in sports in junior or high school because I was working for the family business.”

After his school days, Hernandez was able to become more involved in wrestling. He was inspired to start his wrestling school after having a conversation with one of his wrestler friends when a gentleman mentioned to Hernandez that there were no wrestling schools in the area where he could train. Hernandez offered to help train him at the YMCA. After training in the YMCA for a year and training more wrestlers who started to become
famous, such as The Great Goliath, Hernandez’s career as a wrestling referee and trainer started to skyrocket, and then he started the school.

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