Karras Jordan: A man of humble beginnings

Within the entertainment industry there are a numerous amount of people who do an array of things, and have many talents. However, each individual has a different story of how they began and where they are headed. I had the pleasure of meeting one of those individuals who goes by the name of Karras Jordan.Karras Jordan, born and raised in New Jersey and now residing in Atlanta, is a writer, actor, musician and model. He has been blessed in accomplishing a variety of milestones in his career. Just recently he published his first book, “Mind of a Manic,” which gives readers a peek inside his mind. It is available for print and digital download on www.lulu.com.

In addition to his career as an author, Jordan has also picked up a new venture—modeling. Jordan wasn’t into modeling at first, although he would receive compliments telling him that he should pursue it. It wasn’t until a friend needed a male model for a photo shoot that Jordan started to consider modeling as a career. Since then he has been featured on book covers, such as Jack Frost and You Might Just Get Burned. He was also featured as the “Morning Wood” on sandrarose.com and as the “Hot Man of the Week” on theberry.com. He has also been featured online in mainstream magazines Essence and Iam JMariie.

To add to his writing and modeling career, Jordan is also an actor and musician. His mixtape, Blessed wit a Gift, Born wit a Curse, is available for download via datpiff.com. Jordan has also been featured in the web series Steel River and The Label. He is currently working on a script of his own.

Mr. Jordan is definitely a man of many talents who is sure to be a household name as time permits. Get a glimpse of what he is currently doing in an exclusive interview that I did on him.

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