Local organization on the brink of making global change by educating youth

REDLANDS, CA- We all have a mission in life, and are called to do something that will help to benefit the lives of others. For Hip-hop artist Josiah Bruny, he has found his mission in giving to the youth within the community. He has developed the compassion of Harry Belafonte and Michael Jackson by dedicating his life to global change, and not fame which is why he founded the organization Music Changing Lives.

Music Changing Lives (MCL) was founded by Bruny in 1998 in his home studio. He would bring in youth to mentor them about being in the music industry. A few years later he outgrew his home studio and started looking for a more permanent and bigger space which is when he received the opportunity to negotiate a deal with Redlands Council member Jon Harrison to use the vacant rooms at the Redlands Community Center. In 2009, Bruny and his team converted those rooms into a full service music studio for youth.

Since then MCL has held and been involved with several community events which include toy giveaways to the less fortunate, and most recently they have been heavily involved in rebuilding Haiti. Over the summer, Bruny and his team opened an orphanage in Haiti for children in need. They are currently looking for people to sponsor a child’s school tuition for the year. Most of these children have never been to school.

“If we are going to create real change in Haiti, we must begin to educate all children, so as they grow they can become successful and productive adults,” Bruny states.

Tuition for each child varies from $206 to $216. For those who would love to donate, please visit luvforhaiti.org. And remember every little bit counts.

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