Former basketball wife chats on overcoming abusive relationship

With the popularity of the highly-rated reality show Basketball Wives, and the ever increasing urge of young women who are easily impressionable by the lives of these women to the point where they too want to be a “basketball wife” and will do anything to become one, it was deemed very appropriate to highlight a real life former basketball wife.

Carlita Hodges is the ex-wife of Chicago Bulls guard, Craig Hodges, and was once regarded as ‘The Top 10 Craziest Wives/Exes of the Sporting World.’ During her marriage to the basketball star, she endured abuse, manipulation, and serial infidelity.

After their separation, her husband lied and said she abandoned her children, which she did not. As a result, she lost custody of her children temporarily because she could not afford to get proper legal representation. Her husband continued to play mind games with her regarding their children, and they eventually had a verbal altercation that turned violent. Craig shoved her, which caused her to bleed, and she defended herself. She was arrested and ordered to leave the city of Northbrook.

Since then, Carlita has reinvented her life and is an author, women’s empowerment speaker, and much more. She is passionate about helping others heal from dysfunctional and abusive relationships. Although she is not proud that she went outside of her marriage for comfort through an affair with singer R. Kelly, she learned some valuable lessons during and after it.

After years of silence and enduring a damaged reputation, Carlita felt compelled to speak the truth about her life as a basketball wife and published a book, Carlita’s Way: Out of the Dark Into the Light (My Journey), a no nonsense memoir/self-help guide that reveals her secret struggles in her marriage and personal life. Dedicated to uplifting women, Hodges helps women discover their power by giving them ‘reality checks’ on how to overcome heartbreak, abusive relationships, low self esteem, and many of the issues they face that keeps them from thriving and feeling empowered.

In a recent phone interview with the former basketball wife, she explained to me how she was able to overcome such a tragic and dramatic marriage, the lessons that she learned from her affair, and how she is now giving back and helping others escape and avoid similar relationships.

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