New York Designer, Malan Breton, Opens Up Style Fashion Week LA

It seems like I was just here yesterday. The days go by fast! And as each year passes, the time moves even faster than the last one. Last night was the opening night of Style Week LA, and New York based designer, Malan Breton opened up the night with his unique and internationalized tasted designs. Before the show started though, I was almost thought that I was at the wrong venue and that they had moved the show elsewhere, because last year it was hosted in a tent off of Broadway next to The Reef in Downtown Los Angeles. But as I was about Google to make sure I had the write desk, I seen a young Black girl walking up dressed in a unique ensemble, so I knew she was going to the event, which meant I was in the right place after all!

As I turned around and entered the parking lot, I looked across the street and seen that they had moved the event inside The Reef this year, they stepped it up! I was definitely impressed. As I got out the car and walked to check-in and get my media credential, everything was a lot more organized and the girls were friendly and outgoing, another improvement from last year. Nice venue, organization, and better customer service are the top two things that will keep a person coming year after year.

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