Urban Culture Collides With Fashion At Style Fashion Week LA 2015

Style Fashion Week LA 2015, I would say was by far the best. From the venue space, to the designers, and to the opening acts, this year’s fashion events definitely topped last year. My favorite night was Friday, October 16 because it was truly a night of diversity. For so long, the fashion industry has been “white-washed”, not to put it in negative terms in anyway, but there was not much diversity, and if there was a Black designer featured in a big fashion show, they most likely seemed as if they were selling out because their clothes were not at all appealing to the Black community and not to mention they were extremely too high. But Friday night, I was very pleased and excited to see two urban brands, one which is Black owned, showcase their talent, and since there were urban brands being presented in Friday’s show, it was only right that a the opening act cater to the ambiance of it all. Now this is where the real surprise comes in.

Before the show started, I had my camera ready to take a few flicks, but as soon as the opening musical act approached the stage, I had almost lost focus for like 5 seconds because I was not only excited, but shocked to see that the two guys that had entered the stage were none other then my best friend and his brother, both are actually more like my chosen brothers. The go by the name Badd Tattoo. I am beyond proud of these two. I have had the privilege to watch their careers blossom over the past 5 years, and I see them going nowhere but up! Check out the video below of their performance.

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