Celebrity Publicist, Samantha Pounds, Helps Others Step Outside the Box in Dating and Relationships Memoir

A couple of weeks ago my fiancé and I were watching a per-marital online seminar series and while we were watching it, one of the married couples on there made a statement on how when women date and come to terms with how they think they are ready for marriage by what they have materialistically rather than what they can emotionally and spiritually contribute to a relationship or marriage.

So many women will attribute to the fact that they have a career (not job, but career), their own place, a nice car, a great bank account, and a degree or degrees, to the fact that they are now wifey material. However in the seminar, the man that was hosting one of the workshops mentioned that a man is not thinking about that at all. Yes those things may come as a bonus, but men are more concerned with “is she nurturing? i want to be a father one day (or if he already is a father), so how is she around kids? Can she cook? Is she considerate? Does she know to let her guard down and let me lead?” These are just some of the qualities that men look for one pursuing a spouse. So if man think that way, how come women are so superficial when it comes to finding their Mr. Right/Husband to Be?

If you’ve been wondering that same question, celebrity publicist Samantha Pounds reveled the answer in her book, Love Falls on Deaf Ears and Hears Clearly. Pounds was that single woman, before she met her now soulmate, that wondered why she wasn’t having any luck in the dating game. As she went through different experiences and talked to friends, co-workers, and associates, she realized that in order to find her happiness in love and to one day be a married woman, she had to step outside of the box from what she was used to give that man who is deemed different by the norm a chance at love.