This morning was relieving. Relieving because I had a purpose awakening. Some may be reading this article and thinking, “what is that?” others may be clapping and cheering in joy because they too have experienced one as well and know how much peace comes over you.

In life and as we go about getting into the career field that is for us the only way to be happy and fulfilled in that industry is when you are living out your purpose. This is why you see so many people that jump from job to job only to continue to feel unfulfilled. People mainly jump around in several different fields and jobs because they are trying to get more money. Yes, we all have to live BUT our happiness is also VERY critical when it comes to being in the right career.

You can make all the money in the world and still be the most unhappiest person ever. Money DOES not create purpose and it definitely doesn’t buy happiness because happiness and your purpose cannot be brought.