[Exclusive Interview] Atlanta Spokenword Artist, Georgia Me, Chats on Tour with Jill Scott x Upcoming Career Endeavors

During my undergrad years at Clark Atlanta University, we would have several local and national celebrities that would come through the campus and speak to us on a variety of topics. Atlanta’s rising spoken word artist, Georgia Me, was one of those individuals. When she came she recited some of her poetry and then she gave us some words of encouragement and from then on my love for spoken word deepened.

Now fast forward to 2016, nearly 7 to 8 years later, I get the opportunity to interview Georgia Me, so if course I accept. During the interview, which you will hear momentarily, the same energy and vibe that I witnessed years back was still there, except this time on a more personal and one-on-one level. This dynamic and wise woman is doing some phenomenal things in and beyond her community. Currently, the rising poet is touring with world renowned soul artist and Grammy Winning vocalist, Jill Scott. Georgia Me received the opportunity to tour with Scott after performing alongside a lineup that was hosted by Scott in May.

Those that may be a little unfamiliar with the poet should know that Georgia Me is known for her spoken word throughout the city of Atlanta. She began her career as a teenager when she was first introduced to the work of Nikki Giovanni when she was given a research project on the poet and activist.