Nicole Kearney Productions brings soap opera podcast Grown & Beautiful to the black community

Indianapolis based writer, playwright and filmmaker Nicole Kearney owner of Nicole Kearney Productions is pleased to announce the release of her latest project—a soap opera based podcast. Kearney was inspired to write and produce the new podcast, Grown & Beautiful from the mid 2000’s soap opera based series It’s Your World that was featured on the syndicated radio show, The Tom Joyner Morning Show.

The original series centers around a matriarch who is the owner of a fledgling salon and has built an empire centered around the salon and hair care products. Drama unfolds when the matriarch has been given an offer she can’t refuse which is sale her beauty empire and continue to live lavishly or decide which one of her children will take the throne next.

“I wanted to create something riveting that will keep your attention and leaves you wanting more.” said Kearney.

The one major thing that makes Grown & Beautiful stand out is the fact that there are not many known African American soap operas and instead of watching the drama unfold, you can listen to it which makes things a little more convenient for those  feel that miss out on great shows due to always being on the road or pre-occupied with work. You can listen to it as you’re driving to work or to share a few moments of family time.

Listen below as Nicole chats on how she got into production, the need for more African American women in production, and other upcoming projects to be on the look out for.