The Boss Wife Introduces Millionairess, Helping Women Achieve Success Together

It is evident that when we work together, we get more accomplished and we all make it. However, we have also seen our culture tear each other down, especially as women. There are groups out there though that are providing outlets for women to come and grow together. The Boss Wife brand, founded by Chicago native Crysta Wicks, has started an entity called Millionairess.

Millionairess was launched on January 1, 2017 with the purpose of creating a network of women who have come together with one common goal and that us to become a Millionairess.

“Together as a team we have challenged ourselves to create one Million Dollars outside of our normal income,” Crysta explains.

“This is where the fun begins… Every woman brings something to the table to assist in making this happen. We share information to add additional streams of income, we partner on projects, we invest together etc. But the most important part is we have to be a team to make this work.”