Music Mogul and Entertainment Lawyer, Tracy Randall, Chats and Shares Testimony on Balancing Mental Illness x Battling Cancer

Music has always been known to spread messages that touch people in several different ways. It has the ability to heal and transform the way people feel emotionally, spiritually, and sometimes even physically. 

Last month, Grammy nominated songwriter and singer Tracy Randall released the official video for his single, “Be Free” off of his third studio album, No Judgement. “Be Free” is the testament of Randall’s obstacle with cancer for the second time, as well as his struggles with bi-polar disorder.

He is a walking miracle because he isn’t supposed to be here. In 2006, Randall was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia where he underwent aggressive rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. His doctors gave up on him and in 2007 told him to go him and prepare to die and that he had between three to six months to live.