CultureFit Provides Fitness Apparel For Women Of Color

As women of color, particularly Black and Hispanic women, our bodies are shaped differently than women of other ethnicities. Therefore, we have difficulties in finding clothing that fits our bodies the way that we need them to, especially when it comes to fitness apparel. This where lifestyle line, CultureFit comes to play.

When I came across CultureFit’s Instagram page, I instantly loved the idea. I loved the idea for one because sometimes a lot of our leggings will be one size fits all, but they still fit me tight. For example, I love the Lula Roe’s leggings because they are comfy to lounge around in, but when it comes to working out, they are just a bit too snug.

After coming across CultureFit, I had to know who was behind the brand and what the inspiration was in creating it.


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